Application And Research Centers
  1. Gazi University Academic Writing Application and Research Center

  2. Ataturk's Principles and History of Research Application (ATAUM)

  3. Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine Research and Application Center

  4. Biomedical Calibration and Research Center (BİYOKAM)

  5. Pediadric Development Application Research And Training Center (ÇOGAUM)

  6. Child Protection Research and Application Center

  7. Sea and Aquatic Sciences Application and Research Center (DENAM)

  8. Earthquake Engineering Application and Research Center (DEMAR)

  9. Gazi University Education Policy Application and Research Center (EPAR)

  10. Additive Manufacturing Technology Application and Research Center (EKTAM)

  11. Phonotics Application And Research Center

  12. Statistic Consulting, Training, Practice and Research Center  (İDEAM)

  13. Road Transport Research and Application Center (KUMER)

  14. Career Planning Application and Research Center

  15. Welding and Joining Technologies Research and Application Center (KABTEM)

  16. Urban Transportation Technology Accessibility Implementation and Research Center (KUTEM)

  17. Laboratory Aniımals Raising And Experimental Researches Center (GÜDAM)

  18. Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Center of Excellence

  19. Gazi University Non-ionizing Radiation Protection, Application and Research Center (GİRKUM)

  20. Neuropsychiatry of Education, Research and Application Center

  21. Learning Development Education Research Center (ÖGEM)

  22. Gazi University Measurement and Evaluation Research and Application Center

  23. Project Coordination Implementation and Research Center ()

  24. Health Research And Application Center (HASTANE)

  25. Gazi University Talent And Performance İn Sports Application And Research Center

  26. Research Center for Continuing Education (GAZİSEM)

  27. Design Application and Research Center

  28. Clean Energy Research and Application Center (TEMENAR)

  29. Transplantation Center

  30. Turkish Language Learning Research And Application Center (TÖMER)

  31. Gazi University Distance Education Application and Research Center (GUZEM)

  32. Life Sciences Research and Application Center