Awards to Successful Students from Our Rector
02 Aralık 2016 07:45


Our university management held an award ceremony for students who entered their departments by ranking first.

The event was organized in Mimar Kemaleddin Hall and Our Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan stated that our university sticks to national and moral values and provides education that enables questioning, keeping up with universal values, and ensures students having good communication skill.



Our Rector said that as Gazi University management they are responsible for providing knowledge, success and peace and he is glad that this event is organized so that the academicians and the students can get to know one another. Uslan promised that as management they will spend more time with the academicians.



After the speech, Our Rector, together with the deans, gave students achievement certificates sent by the President of Institute of Higher Education Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç and presents prepared by Gazi University.


Award Winning Students and Their Departments:

Elif Ayşenur Özcan (Faculty of Literature)

Hanifi Erol (Faculty of Science)

Kürşat Demir (Gazi Faculty of Education)

Semih Oral (Faculty of Law)

Şeref Şener (Faculty of Architecture)

Mustafa Naz (Faculty of Engineering)

Hilal Alagöz (Faculty of Art and Design)

Gözde Nur Yılmaz (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Ahmet Ateş (Faculty of Sport Sciences)

Mert Sezen (Faculty of Technology)

Koray Güzey (Faculty of Tourism)

Oğulcan Gözügül (Faculty of Medicine)

Halime Betül Tokat (Faculty of Medicine English)

Kaan Avcı (Faculty of Medicine national of TRNC)

Anıl Ceylan (Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences)

Kemal Çat (Faculty of Communication)

Eren Gül (Faculty of Dentistry)

Zeynep Süeda Yıldız (Faculty of Fine Arts)

Hilal İslam (Polatlı Faculty of Science and Arts)


30.11.2016 / Consultancy of Press and Public Relations