Gazi University Academicians ' Jerusalem Message to the World
26 Mart 2018 13:12

Gazi University, Turkish Studies Magazine and Jerusalem University jointly organized  "II. International Social Science Congress"  in Jerusalem.

Gazi University, Turkish Studies Magazine and Jerusalem University jointly organized "II. International Social Science Congress" in Jerusalem. Including Turkey, approximately  700 scientists from 10 countries, politicians, guests and spectators attended the congress, which was held between 23-25 March 2018. In addition to the congress conducted scientific studies in the social sciences field, Turkey's  support and  the precision for Jerusalem was also mentioned.

Congress' opening speeches were made by Turkey's Consul General in Jerusalem , Ambassador Gürcan Türkoğlu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's  Special Representative and also the Palestinian Authority Jerusalem Affairs Minister and Jerusalem governor Adana al-Hussein, the Palestinian Higher Education and Training Minister Sabri Saydam, Gazi University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan and Rector of Jerusalem University Prof. Dr. İmar  Abu Kishek .

Gazi University Rector Uslan, who greeted all the participants in his speech, said that he had great peace, excitement and happiness from meeting and meeting the people of this holy city of Jerusalem, where our Prophet was brought  from the Holy Masjid al-Haram to the Masjid al-Aqsa at night before his Prophet.

Rector Uslan  shared Nuri Pakdil's words "No one can enter humanity  before  loving Jerusalem", and  he emphasized the sensitivity of our country's academics to the events in Palestine and Jerusalem. Pointing out that the people living in Jerusalem have many troubles, mainly education and development affairs, Rector Uslan stated that the people who work in every field, including science, should support the Palestinian righteous cause.

Underlining that Palestine is 27 thousand square kilometers, Rector Uslan said, "On the 21 thousand square kilometers of this area, Israel was established in 1948 according to the UN sharing plan, 6 thousand square kilometers is  for the Palestinian state. Here, the struggle for life of the whole Palestinian people is in this field. We, all Muslims and peoples of the world; how can we be a cure for this tiny national suffering, hungry living in this tiny area? What can we do to reconstruct the villages, towns and cities? To seek answers to these questions; I hope that this congress  will contribute to the solution of this problem".

Professor Prof. Dr. Uslan stated that the congress would contribute to expanding  the educational opportunities of Palestinian young people and to contribute to the solution of the problems that Palestine has at the same time with such scientific activities.

Uslan completed his speech by  informing that in return for Palestine, the payment of all the debts of the Ottoman State was committed in our history. Abdulhamid Khan responded to this situation by saying "I do not sell even an inch of land, though; this country belongs not to me, it belongs to my nation. Some of the Syrian and Palestinian regiments were martyred in Plevne, and every of them remained in battlefields, no one   returned. This homeland is not mine. I gave the answer that I would not allow surgery on a living body. Therefore, in Palestine thereafter, being much more sensitive to what happened in Jerusalem;  we need to know about the residents, troubles, education and development issues in our own right and take responsibility for their solutions."



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