Mission - Vision - Gazi Üniversitesi
Mission - Vision


With the honor of hosting the first educational institution that takes its name from Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and raising the leading teachers of the Republic, Gazi University aims to educate indiviuals who are able to research knowledge, interrogate, think analytical and be respectful to human values. It also aims contribute to the lifelong education and development process of the society by producing knowledge, sharing and transforming it to real life.



Gazi University's vision based on Turkish education is to be a national and internationally respected and leading university with high-level education, creative activities and collecting services in a wide range of original research ranging from science and technology to art and sports.


Values ​​- Goals

Gazi University, based on the basic principles of our Republic,

  • believes in the leadership of science and praises creativity and original thought,

  • believes that all opinions and thoughts can be expressed in peace and tolerance in a free, polyphonic, fair and transparent area with academic and ethical values,

  • believes that education pioneeres social development,

  • provides satisfaction for its employees,

  • respects the environment and it is aware of its social responsibility.