For each of the elements forming the information society, 'university' has a centralized prescription. Because information society requires the transfer of information, production through scientific studies, the transfer of the produced information to the students and other parts of the society through education and training, the dissemination through information technologies, and finally the transformation into innovations that increase productivity in all areas of society.

As Gazi University, our greatest task is to contribute to the production of information through the associate, bachelor, master and doctoral students and units such as patent office etc. and to provide solutions to the problems encountered in different areas of our social life. Beyond this, our main goal is to contribute to the preparation of Turkey for the future by determining the structural changes and transformations experienced in the world, namely in the 'big picture'.

It is our greatest privilege to contribute to the preparation of Turkey for the future with all the colors and all the different voices of Gazi; and we regard it as our indispensable responsibility.

Gazi University Rector

Rector's Message
Gazi University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan's July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day Message