Innovative Softwares are Competing (Y³) 3rd Semester Contest Program
1 July 2022 | 16:48

Innovative Softwares are Competing (Y³) Program has begun by the Defence Industry Agency in order to give opportunity to researchers, academicans and also companies who are aiming to certify their capability towards issues in critical areas such as artificial intelligence and innovative software technologies which are reuired by the defence industry. It is aimed to cooperate with participants who gave an outstanding performance in the projects which are organized by the Defence Industry Agency.

The aforementioned program was first organized in 2018. This year by the 3rd period it was decided to simultaneously organize the program with more than one university on critical topics required in the field of artificial intelligence. Within the scope of the Innovative Software are Competing (Y³) 3rd Term competitions;

Reinforcement learning algorithms developed for land and air vehicles in a simulation environment will compete in the “Reinforcement Learning Based Swarm Strategy Development Competition”

Synthetic data generation algorithms will compete in the ”Synthetic Data Generation Competition with Generative Contention Networks (GAN)”

Applications have started for the "Route Combination Competition for Moving Target Tracking", where route combining algorithms will compete for tracking moving targets from wide area surveillance camera images. Applications can be made to the competitions individually, as a legal person or as a group, until 31 July 2022 at

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