Great Success in 2024 QS European Universities Ranking
21 September 2023 | 10:00

QS (Quacquarelli Symonds), which annually evaluates and ranks the performance of higher education institutions according to various criteria, announced the European Universities Ranking for the first time. A total of 688 European universities qualified for the ranking, which takes into account research, employment, teaching, global engagement and sustainability indicators. Ranked 283 out of 688 universities, Gazi University has become one of the "Best 300 Universities" in Europe.

In addition,  as announced in the image below, our University is ranked 142nd in Europe in terms of "Academic Reputation". Looking at the scores, the criterion that Gazi University achieved the highest score is "Academic Reputation" with 48.5 points. This criterion is followed by "Employment" with 35.1 points, "Sustainability" with 34.1 points and "International Research Network" with 33.8 points.

When analysing the Turkish rankings, the number of universities from Türkiye included in the QS 2024 Europe Rankings is 72. Gazi University is ranked 9th among these universities, once again demonstrating its successful performance in higher education.

The rankings of the top 300 universities in Europe and the top 10 universities in Turkiye are shown in the table below. It is noteworthy that the top 10 institutions in Türkiye are also research institutions.

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